Clients can view, share and purchase photos from their portfolio or any other portfolio at:

Viewing Photos

All photos can be viewed by uploading a variety of sizes from small to original. Simply scroll over the photo to the top right side and a drop down menu will appear. Select the size you would like to view. Photos are best viewed in slideshow mode. The slideshow button usually appears on top right menus in most browsers.

How do I email photos?

You may email any photo to yourself or a friend by using the share menu above the photograph.

How do I crop photos?

All my photographs are shot and cropped to provide the best composition possible for the subject matter. As a result, not all photos will perfectly crop to standard frame sizes. Frame sizes, more often than not, do not match 100 percent with digital camera sensors.

How do I print photos?

When ordering photos you may have to order a larger size photo and trim off the excess to meet your matting or framing purposes. The photos are printed by SmugMug. Customers can not print the photos themselves. When a customer places the order, SmugMug will print and deliver high quality images.

What is the best way to mount photos?

I often do not frame photos. I mount them on foam board with a non-acidic spray adhesive and display without framing.

Where can I purchase photos?

All photos can be purchased directly from and shipped anywhere in the world. Click on the buy button above the photo. A drop down menu will appear where you can select photo size, quantity, finish and cropping. Remember you don’t have to crop, order larger. When you check out you can pay via credit card. You are ordering directly to a high quality printing company and your quality is guaranteed.

How do I order a custom canvas?

If you wish to order a custom canvas please contact me directly at or . I can create custom canvas artwork at most sizes. Custom canvas art is beautiful and timeless. Your wrap around canvas will add beauty and elegance to your living room, office, lobby or what ever room it hangs in. Please see examples pictured. Contact me to discuss size and prices.

Commissions, Projects and Referrals:

I am available for any photo project you have in mind. Please refer to the contact me link on this site.