I am always looking for models who are willing and capable of working on artistic shoots. This is usually for trade. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ THIS. THIS CONTENT HAS BEEN DEVELOPED OVER TIME AS THE RESULT OF MY EXPERIENCES SHOOTING MODELS. Please be extremely comfortable in front of the camera, not shy. Have multiple looks, I am not looking for your “Blue Steel” look. Be reliable, on time and no flaking. My time and yours are extremely important. If we book a shoot I expect both of us to bring our A game. You will more than likely be working around one or more assistants. Escorts are allowed until they interfere with the shoot. If an escort disrupts a shoot, I will end the shoot no questions asked.

Proof of age:

Please bring a photo ID that shows your Full name and Date of Birth. I will need to take a picture of it to keep on file. You must be at least 18 for me to shoot you.
You can use the images however you want (except for profits unless we make an agreement) for self promotion, website, portfolio, etc.

Make up:

I will assume you can do your own make up. You will need to contact a MUA directly and arrange a time and place to meet should you require one. I highly encourage you have one if you can not do your own.

Different look?:

If you have a different look than what i have seen in your portfolio let me know. Hair shorter or different color? Tattoos? Piercing’s? Details in your profile are correct: If your details are not up to date then let me know. Example; age, weight, measurements, etc. If you misrepresent yourself I will not shoot with you. Bring some accessories like bracelets, necklaces, earrings etc…


For outfits, bring solid color outfits. Don’t bring black outfits. No busy looking designs that looks distracting. There maybe some exceptions. I usually shoot up to 2-3 outfits, more if it is an all day shoot. I can be picky sometimes so bring 5 or 6 outfits that we can choose from. I usually don’t shoot more than 2-3 hours with exception of an all day shoot. Some outfit suggestions to bring as well:

  • 2 piece bikini.
  • Button up shirts or light sweater. Or something that is open in the front.
  • Denim shorts/pants
  • Booty shorts.
  • Calvin Klein underwear/camisole.
  • Mid drift tops.
  • Short dresses.
  • Wraps/scarfs/sheers.
  • Sheer tops/dresses.• Boots/heels•lingerie.

If we are shooting at the beach please bring sexy outfits other than swimsuits. There could be a change in weather and could be an overcast day at the beach. Sometimes I won’t know until I drive closer to the coast from inland. If so we’ll have to cancel or shoot more inland where it is sunny.

Your Phone number and email: If I didn’t get your phone number, please make sure I get it. My number is 858 774 4342. I confirm several times before our shoot. PLEASE keep your phone charged If you don’t hear from me the day before the shoot, please call or message me for confirmation.


Q. Do I get a CD of the images after the shoot?
A. No, I don’t burn a CD. I will edit up to 4 images per outfit but it also depends how well your look turned out during the shoot. I will post the photos for you in a gallery named after you on I will set up a time to unlock the gallery and you can download the high resolution photos from there.

Q. Do I get to choose the pictures?
A. No, I do the choosing of the pictures. I’m not changing my policy. If you’re shooting with me, then it’s because you respect my work. The final work is my artistic rendition of the shoot.

Q. Will I get the other un-edited pictures?
A. No. There is no need to have a bunch of pictures that are very similar. You get the best pictures out of the shoot. I will not allow any of my work that is lesser in quality floating around the internet. Even if you promised me you will not post them anywhere, the answer is still no. I hope you understand this and don’t let my decision keep you from shooting with me.

Q. I like to edit photos given to me. Can I edit the photos you give me?
A. If you’re the type to edit other photographer’s work then don’t schedule a shoot with me unless you want to pay me for my time.


You can download a PDF version of my model release here: BillRestoModelRelease.pdf